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"Yeah, you reached Bulkhead. Leave me a message, and I'll get to ya when I can."
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How am I doing, playing this Ol' Wreckin' ball.

I'm always looking for ways to improve and constructive criticism.
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This is just a list of animals, owned or not, in the game.

Owned pets/animals:

Robotic Firelizards

Blurr - Has one personal one, blue and the size of his insignia, and a bunch of others for the police department
Bulkhead - Has two, his own, named "Rotorstorm", which is brown green and fades to blue grey. He also has Miko's from after she left
Knock Out - Has two, his own which has a striking resemblance to Breakdown and one that was owned by TFP!Starscream
Ravage - Owns one, after SG!Megatron was dropped
Rose - Owns one firelizard
Thundercracker - Owns four, a 'trine' called "Thundercracker", "Starscream" and "Skywarp" who have the color schemes of each respective seeker, and also "Numbers" who is blue/yellow/beige
Wheeljack - Created a bunch of firelizards to act as guards for his cave in Solus' quadrant.

Turbo foxes

Blurr - Owns one, "Frank"

Other robotic animals

BP Crew - A robotic monkey that was owned by Drill Boy before he was dropped

Non robotic animals

Alpha Trion - Has a room full of domestic cats that he takes care of, somewhere in his temple.
Ventus - Owns a bunch of chickens that he got in a drop

Unowned pets/animals:

Psuedo dog - A pseudodog from Strelok's world that he got in a drop
"Dago" - A robotic firelizard owned by Frenzy, was left behind when Frenzy left. It now wanders like a lost puppy
Gear Deer - There is a herd of gear deer that hang around the junkpile and other parts of Haven
"Noji" a robotic micron boar that turns into a gun
Robotic Firelizards - There is a wild colony of firelizards that Barricade set free before he left. The firelizards are tameable if someone wanted to tame one. However, unlike the owned ones, these aren't painted
Robotic Penguin - Own by Laharl, but was left behind when Laharl left
Sabercat - Was owned by Catwoman, but was left behind when she left
Shiny firefly bugs - Created by Jetfire and released into Haven.
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Kick Ass - By Mika
Robot Riot - By ???
Robot Rock - By Daft Punk
Time-Bomb - By All Time Low
War Machine - By Brian Tyler
Wrecking Ball - By Lifehouse
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 photo ZpDXInY_zps28eecfb6.png  photo VVmHYDu_zps42b869ca.png
Primary Alignment: Solus Prime - Violet
Secondary Alignment: Nexus Prime - Blue

((Glyph reference chart - Bulk's glyph is currently second from the right on the bottom))

Glyph Changes:


October to December: No visible changes to glyph.


January to April: No visible changes to glyph.

May 8th: The violet of your Glyph remains vivid, and there is a blue outline around it.

June 3rd: The violet of your Glyph is more vivid, and there is a strong blue outline around it. First tier power upgrade gained from Nexus Prime

August 18th: Your Glyph has increased in size by about a third. First tier power upgrade gained from Solus Prime

October 18th: The violet of your Glyph is more vivid.

December 19th: A violet glow has appeared around your Glyph. Second tier power upgrade gained from Solus Prime

December 26th: Became a Solian Initiate. The glyph's form has shifted once more, with Solus Prime's mark detailed and ornate, like ancient illuminated calligraphy.


February 11th: The violet of your glyph is a bit more vivid.

May 9th: The violet of your glyph is a bit more vivid.


Solus Prime - Primary:

First Tier: Enhanced Efficiency and Self-Repair

- Injuries sustained take half as long to heal as they used to.
- Fuel provides a bit more energy, keeping him energized up to a third longer
- Will out-last and out-heal any other normal member of his species, especially in any sort of dire situation

Second Tier: Material Affinity and Manipulation

- Increased awareness for materials and resources
- Materials recognized at a mere touch
- Ability to find materials needed much more easily
- Working with materials becomes much easier
- 3% increase with fusion cannon efficiency

Nexus Prime - Secondary:

First tier: System Efficiency

- Needs less sleep, and less to eat, while operating at peak performance. Can pull all nighters with little issue.
- Slower to tire, while quicker to recover, and injuries heal just a little bit faster
- Energon intake while lower, lasts much longer.

((Glyph image credit goes to [personal profile] rcbot))
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Much of this of course is headcanon.

The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom )

Wake App

Sep. 25th, 2012 02:47 am
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Personal Information
Name: Katt
Age: 36
Personal Journal: [personal profile] katt
Email / AIM / MSN / Plurk: Email: / AIM: katt30x / MSN: N/A / Plurk: Spectreselva
Current Character(s): N/A, though apping Jinora too

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Player Information
*Name/Alias : Katt
*Your Journal : Not used much, but [personal profile] katt
*Age: Old, 35
*Contact Information: AIM: katt30x, email:, plurk: Spectreselva
*Characters already in the game: N/A

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